I attended a great small business networking meeting last night, and had a chance to talk with a lot of different people.  Again, it reinforced that there’s two types of people in business right now:

  • Those who are depressed about the economy and hoping it will improve, and
  • Those who are doing good stuff despite the lousy economy.

Things are challenging, to be sure.  But some people have decided not to let others control their lives.  They’re moving ahead, doing the best they can, and trying different approaches.

These are the ones who will succeed, and will lead the economy out of recession.  They’re even having fun, and -gasp- some are making a profit.

Yes, you can make a profit even in a crappy economy.

I hope, if you’re reading this, that you’ve decided that you’re one of the ones who is taking action and getting creative.  My hat’s off to you.

If you’d LIKE to be in the second category and don’t know how to get started, give me a call.  I’d like to help.