As we kick off 2011, it’s a great time to take advantage of the sense of renewal that comes with this yearly cycle. Sure, it’s artificial. There’s not much that actually changes just because we’ve changed the year to a new number.

Then again, your customers and employees are a part of the larger society. As a whole, we do focus on different things at different times of year. In the US, there’s an increased focus on health, we’re hunkering down for the winter, and we’re starting to think about summer vacations in a few months. The stress of the holidays has mostly passed, perhaps replaced by some anxiety around finances.

In your business, how can you build on this attention? Would it be helpful to link your company’s attention to finances to what employees are thinking about? Can you connect customers’ attention to wellness to how you’re marketing your products and services?

People may also have a bit more willingness to look at new ideas. It’s a new year, and there’s a new energy that builds up around that. So is it a good time to start a discussion around a change to your business that you were putting off because of all the pressures around the end of 2010?

2011 may just be the best year yet for your business!