I’ve given many presentations over the years, and I’ve adopted an important principle:  If I want to do a good job, I create the slides myself.  Preferably from scratch.

My reason for doing this is that there’s more to a presentation – a LOT more – than what’s on the slides.  There’s stories.  There’s examples.  There’s links from one place to another that jump all over.  When you take over someone else’s material, you miss all that.

So when I work with my clients, I find it critical that they write their own plans and commitments.  I know that with my own business plan, the words are chosen with a lot more care than others understand.  Someone looks at my business plan and thinks, “yeah, it’s all pretty reasonable and straightforward.”  They don’t see the mental images and stories that pop up when I look at my plan.

The thought process of creating the plan is a critical part of the magic.

Carl Dierschow
Small Fish Business Coaching
Fort Collins, Colorado