At times, we all struggle with keeping the energy up.  Business is tough, the economy’s terrible, the construction industry is still a mess, there’s lots of instability in the world, ……  On and on and on.

But as a leader, you’re called on to help people build up their momentum, to work hard despite the challenges, and to drive toward results.

What happens when you don’t feel that energy yourself?

The answer to this question can be very personal.  The fact is that each of us is wired differently – we have different things that inspire and motivate us.  Perhaps it’s having discussions with certain people.  Maybe you need some time alone to reflect and regenerate.  Or you have some favorite music or books.  Exercise is great for some people.  It could even be tied in with your faith life.

Do some examination:

  • Do you tend to get energy by being WITH people or AWAY FROM people?
  • Are there certain people where you always come away from an interaction with more energy and resolve than you started with?
  • What resources have aligned with your core personal values, that help reinforce who you are?
  • What inspires your imagination?
  • What have other people told you they appreciate in the way you behave and affect them?

These kinds of questions help you to identify reliable touchstones, things that you can go back to again and again.  Call on them when you’re struggling with your own direction and motivation.  It really does work!