I was talking to my Rotary Club yesterday about the fact that today, December 7th, is 70 years since the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  That was the beginning of the US’s engagement in World War II.

My father and father-in-law both fought in that war, in the Pacific and European theatres.  I am fortunate that they both survived, and literally owe my life to them.

What does this have to do with small business in Colorado?  I’m not going to stretch the connections too far, so let’s just admit that there’s not much.

That’s the point.

We each devote our waking (and often sleeping!) moments to trying to build up a successful business, but that’s separate from the reality of life overall.  Companies exist to provide value to customers, to create jobs, to generate income – but there are other things as well.

Your family.

Your spiritual vitality.

The difference you make in peoples’ lives.

So let’s take a moment to reflect in gratitude for those people who have given their lives, in war or not, to create the kind of world where we can do these important things.  And pray that we can make our own contribution to a better world.