I had an interesting discussion with a person today about the benefits of working with a coach.  What we’ve noticed is rather fascinating:  The reasons for hiring a coach are a bit different from the most important benefits the client ultimately receives.

OK, I have to explain.

Usually my clients hire me because of a particular point of pain, such as:

  • Not enough customers
  • Don’t know where the money is going
  • Employees driving them crazy
  • Not enough hours in the day

These aren’t surprising – most business owners struggle with issues like these.

What’s fascinating is that the top benefits they tell me they ultimately receive are:

  • “I like my business again”
  • “I’m able to sleep at night”
  • “I now know what I’m doing, and happy with it”
  • “I know where I’m going with this business”

Does that mean that the issues listed above WEREN’T achieved?  In fact they were.  But here’s how it goes:

  • I don’t have enough customers ->
  • I work with the coach on ways to get more customers ->
  • I now know better how to connect with customers ->
  • My business is much healthier ->
  • I’m happier and able to sleep at night

The bottom line is that clients get not only the value they’d hoped to get, but something much deeper.

But in my marketing, you’ll see things that are more problem- and issue-related.  It’s hard to connect with people at the level of “you’ll be much happier with how your business is working.”

And, in fact, people shouldn’t be convinced about a broad and fluffy claim like that.  They should be asking the tough, practical questions.