You need a little bit of cash to push your company to the next level.  But the amount is too small for a bank, and too large for your credit card.  And both of those paths involve some significant risk anyway.

I got connected up with an interesting new model that’s emerging.  Perhaps you’ve heard of Kickstarter, an online fundraising mechanism that helps bring creative projects to fruition through community funding.  Here’s some awesome examples.

They’ve been in business since 2009, but already are blowing away some conventional business models.  The basic idea is pretty simple:  You have an idea but not enough money.  You have a community of supporters who might just like to see that idea happen, people who might be inclined to give you $10 or $50 or even more, if they see some value in what you’re doing.  And, to get the ball rolling, you offer some giveaways to help push them over the edge.  Perhaps you’ll give them a signed and logoed T-shirt in exchange for a $50 contribution, a great deal for everyone.

Here locally, there’s a new group that just came on the scene, CommunityFunded.  They’re opening up the concept for all kinds of innovations and needs.  Some current projects include:

Could this be useful for your project?  Perhaps.  You’ll need a community of supporters – your Facebook friends, perhaps – who are already inclined to support what you do.  Then, write some really killer copy that does a great job of showing the value of your idea, and why other should support it.  And then offer some creative rewards for people who contribute at various levels.

This is a really, really creative idea that might just help you grow and do great things!