Our state is on fire.

Karl Gehring, The Denver Post

The High Park Fire is now in its ninth day, with 141 homes destroyed in over 85 square miles. It’s the most destructive fire in Colorado’s history.

I find that this event brings a sense of perspective to things, though. The community realizes that this is just possessions – things that can be replaced and weren’t inherently important to begin with.

What’s important? The relationships that you have with those around you – family, friends, colleagues, customers. It’s exactly why people will save photographs from a burning house: It powerfully represents the relationships which are precious, even when memory starts to fade.

We’re fortunate that this fire has only claimed one life out of the thousands displaced. It’s a testament to the hard work and selfless dedication of this country’s firefighters, who are risking life and limb to protect others’ possessions.

Take time to recognize the precious things in your life.