Monday, my PC came down with the same virus that I got last time.  Fortunately, this time I knew enough to not even waste any time – I just took it into the shop immediately so they could work their magic.

I’m a geek, but not THAT good.  And I don’t have all the great tools.

So I was overjoyed to get the machine back a few hours ago, all nice and cleaned up.  It was totally worth the money, and I was only inconvenienced for a couple of days.  But that’s why having a netbook, tablet, phone, and wife’s PC are all valuable – my stuff is backed up nine ways from Sunday.

Kudos and deep thanks to Computer Doctors – they did a fine, fine job.  I made sure to go over and give them some love on their Facebook Page.  It’s the polite thing to do, right?

Make sure you have backups.  You never know when the demon will get ya.