We’ve nearly survived 2012 – included the anticipated End Of The World last week.  I hope you’re looking forward to a prosperous 2013, with greater business success and personal happiness.

But before you totally put 2012 behind you, it would be great to make sure that we learned from the events of this year.  After all, if you’re not learning, you’re falling behind.

Do you have any answers to these questions?

  • What failures and successes with your customers surprised you?
  • What were the most amazing employee contributions you saw?  (Do they know it?)
  • What did you learn about yourself this year?
  • What changed in your industry?
  • What’s now possible in 2013 that would have been unthinkable a year ago?
  • Who are you thankful to have met? (Do they know it?)

I could have asked you about regrets, failures, and barriers, but there’s a reason why I’m asking these questions in the positive sense.  It helps create optimism and energy which open up new possibilities and ideas.

What are the great questions you’d like to be asking about your 2012?  Would you like to share them with the group?