Architect CollaborationI was reading a note from a colleague in Denver who owns an architectural firm: A beautiful start.  This got me thinking about the power of collaboration – primarily the different energy and vitality that it brings.

I have a more personal example right now:  I’m working with a small group of professionals across the city to mount a donation drive for Homeless Gear, which culminates in a one-day event tomorrow for accepting donations.  This thing has taken off!  We now have 9 locations across the city, over 25 volunteers, and $20,000 of free press from a couple of papers.  This event was mentioned in the local TV news, and there will be another report tomorrow.

THAT is the power of collaboration.  When you get people together for a larger cause – whether it’s charitable or not – you generate creativity, energy, and a level of inspiration which is rarely tapped.

When we’re running our own business, we get caught up in serving our customers and reacting to the competition.  That’s fine.  But there’s times where it’s useful to inject an extra spark, if only to help you feel differently about the contribution you’re making.

Where would it be possible for YOU to do a collaborative project?