I had a bit of a chance to play yesterday.


It was another great day with Leadership Fort Collins, this time focused on emergency services in the area:  Fire, police, SWAT, dispatch, and so on.  We even had a great panel giving us an update on the hard work that’s being done to implement Amendment 64, the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state.  Boy, that’s much tougher than the voters would ever expect.

So how is this relevant to small businesses?

These kinds of services are critical to a stable and healthy business environment.  We all tend to focus on our own problems and issues, but we can only do that because of the fantastic work by people who are REALLY putting their lives on the line every day.

For many of us, this really struck home last summer with the High Park Fire.  All of a sudden it became obvious how an uncontrollable event could devastate an entire community, and what an incredible difference individual people could make.

The  outpouring of support by everyone was just amazing.

So as you worry about your day-to-day issues, please take time to recognize those upon whom we depend every day for our security.  They let you do what you do.