SnowThose of you here in northern Colorado know about the big snow storm we had last week.  I think we got about 20 inches at our house, and it was extremely heavy stuff.

But, being Colorado, it was all melted by Sunday.  Glorious.

So the standard question THIS week is:  How did the storm affect you and your business?  Because, of course, it may uncover an interesting story.

I’m finding a distinct difference in how people treated the downtime.  (Well, OK, the pizza places were absolutely hammered with business.  But most others saw a reduction in work.)

Many people were annoyed by the inconvenience.  It forced school closures, meeting cancellations, and reschedulings.  What a pain!

But the more optimistic people looked at this as a sudden gift.  I had the opportunity to do some much-needed work around the house, while others had a great time with their kids.

Changes will happen.  Things don’t go entirely to plan.  But sometimes that isn’t such a bad thing.