girls-play-and-plant-flowers-in-the-parkI’m a big fan of doing great work: it’s something I strive for constantly.  The problem is that it can take a toll on your energy.

Even when it’s work you love.

As a result, I’m also in favor of taking vacations, not working through the weekend, and having time with the family.  I don’t always hit the right balance, mind you, but it’s what I strive for.

I had a chance to take the last couple of weeks off.  The first I spent at a conference, singing and learning sacred music.  The second week was a lot more work, helping family move.

It was work, but different work.

I’ve found that’s important.  What was great about moving was that it was different, it was time with family, and it was useful.  We could actually see progress right before our eyes – something that can be difficult with the kind of business coaching I do.

So even if your “downtime” is something that’s work for someone else, it can be a useful break.

Weird, huh?