washing-machine-197211_640I bought a new washer and dryer a couple of months ago.  A decent investment of money, for sure, but this pair might last us another thirty years.

Overall, the experience was what I expected.  This is a major American brand, so it had the usual pile of random papers in the box, under an amazing amount of packing material.  But the machines work as expected, and are much more efficient than what we had previously.

We’re reasonably happy.

I got two emails today from the manufacturer which were seeking my feedback.  Fine.  Maybe a little weird that I needed to get TWO surveys, but I did purchase two different units.  So this clearly gives the message that there’s no human back behind the system, it’s just an automated thing.

But they want to motivate me to fill out the survey!  Hurrah!  They’ll toss my name in a drawing for some free appliances!  What could I win?

A new washer and dryer pair.

So here’s my question for you today:  How do you think this feels about how much they value me as a customer?  Most likely, this is just some big automated corporate process, because clearly no HUMAN would make a bone-headed move like that.

And if it’s just a big automated corporate process, I rather doubt that they really value my feedback.  Nope, there’s no person on the other end.

By the way, this isn’t a survey that goes back to corporate HQ.  Nope, it’s something on their website which is going to be published as a “review by a satisfied customer” for other prospective customers to read.

Nice and tidy, just a pure technology gimmick to incorporate “social media” into their website strategy.

But there’s probably no person behind it who really cares what I have to say.

Are you doing this to YOUR customers?  Even unintentionally?