I ran across a really powerful article today by Runa Bouius entitled 9 Keys to Abundant Inspiration.  She’s very observant when she notes that the leadership journey begins within.  Everyone has the potential for becoming a powerful leader in some context, but it takes a lot of internal work to bring that out.

Leadership isn’t a set of skills that you learn.

Well, not exactly.  Sure, there’s skills and techniques around presenting, goal-setting, communication, and so on.  But if you don’t grow yourself into naturally BEING a leader, you don’t have much power at all.

I worked with Judith Hamman some months ago, and she really helped me to articulate my own deeper purpose, and how that drives my coaching business.  I didn’t honestly think that I needed to do it, but it was powerful to get me focused and moving forward.

I won’t steal Runa’s thunder about the 9 Keys, though.  Every one of them is insightful and useful, so go check it out.