This morning I had a chance to see a presentation by a new member of the Chamber of Commerce.  It was by the Pastor who has formed a new church in town.

Why would a church join the Chamber of Commerce?

First, because the Chamber does a lot more than introducing businesses to each other.  They also champion local causes to city and state government, and they provide opportunities for education and development.

That’s why we have a fair number of non-profits in this Chamber.

But if you think about it, this is a very smart move on his part.  His “target customers” – potential parishioners – are members of the business community as much as anyplace else.  Business leaders think about spiritual development, as well as their employees and any others in their lives.

This Pastor won’t reach out exclusively to the business community, but it’s a rich source of contacts that most other churches seem to be ignoring.  He stands out as being special.

When you’re trying to connect up with new potential customers … where else do they hang out besides just business-oriented environments?  After all, they have lives, families, kids, ambitions, and so on.  Chances are your competition is ignoring this, and it might just be an opportunity.

Go out and sponsor the local kids’ sports team.  But don’t get heavy-handed with your sales pitch until you have permission.