One of the joys of my work is that I get to experience the creation of new businesses.  It can be a wonderful, confusing, and enlightening phase, filled with the dream of bringing life to a new vision.

_DSC1809I had a chance recently to speak with Leigh Spector, who is starting up a Yoga and Reiki practice here in Fort Collins.  Named Warm Plus Fidget Yoga, it’s so new that its online presence is still being built and improves on a daily basis.

What I find amazing about Leigh is her passion around improving the lives of pregnant mothers and new moms.  It’s this clarity which helps her to create a presence which is interesting and compelling.

Suppose that someone’s elevator speech is, “I’m a Yoga instructor.”  It has the advantage of being brief and clear.  Even though I’ve never done Yoga in my life, I still have images from what I’ve seen on TV and from talking with friends.

The problem with this is that it’s not particularly compelling or special.  And there’s a whole bunch of people who can say the same thing, so there’s no great reason to investigate this particular busines further.

So imagine that she now says, “I’m a leader in both Yoga and Reiki.”  That’s a little more focused and specialized.  But it’s also confusing for most people; I had no idea what Reiki was until she explained it.  After she did, I started seeing how she has an approach that’s more interesting than just a room full of people standing around in weird poses.

But still, why would I bother to remember this?  What’s compelling about it?

warmyoga_Logo2015Then, Leigh tells me that her best clients are pregnant women, carrying on to help them after the birth to help both them and their new baby.  And she’ll bring it to the client’s home:  A wonderful service for harried moms without time or energy to go to a Yoga studio.


All of a sudden, this puts a very clear message in my mind.  Every time I talk to a woman who is getting stressed about her pregnancy, I should tell her to go check Leigh out.  It might be the best gift I could ever give her.

As a bold move, she’s captured the URLs and  Why .space?  Because she’s creating a unique and welcoming space for her clients!  How cool is that?

Isn’t this a great example of how a powerful vision comes to life in a new business?  I’m so excited to see where Leigh takes this in the next year.