image002I really love highlighting the great new businesses in northern Colorado, both here and on my Values Based Business blog.

I had the chance recently to work with Sarah Nelson and Andrea Schneider, who head up Inhabit Design Group.  This is an emerging interior design firm which does some pretty amazing work in the area.

Now, most of my artistic talent is not in this area.  I can do music, but when it comes to the look and feel of our home, I’m at a bit of a loss.  So I have huge respect for people who can do this well.


Their work is amazing, as you can see.  But it’s interesting to see how they come together as partners to pull this off.  We can learn something from them.

image003They each have different life situations, which means different demands on their time.  With a small child, Sarah’s daytime hours are precious but she has more freedom after hours.  Andrea is often more free to meet with clients and partners during the daytime.

Yet they both share the passion of a common vision.  They’re going to build a local reputation for artistry and customer service, while leveraging their different skills.  They share a common email address for the company, yet I see consistency in their approach.  It’s clear they’re doing a lot of communication behind the scenes.

Inhabit LogoWhat their next challenge?  Well, as a new presence, they’re focused on developing a reputation in the community – with home owners, builders, realtors, and others who can help drive business their way.  They’ve invested in professional photos of their work put up a presence on Houzz – a fantastic place to showcase their work.  They’re putting together their website now and brochures to support their sales process.

And as this progresses, they’ll be learning from every conversation.  As we all need to be.