4360987794_3e40530450_o[1]In the past few weeks, I’ve had several conversations where business owners highlight their difficulty in getting good workers.


Gee, we’ve been in this recession for over half a decade, but it’s taken forever for the upturn to start offering more opportunities for employees.  But now we’re seeing some upward pressure on wages, and emerging competition for talent.

It’s time we brush up those skills we haven’t used for awhile.

DO NOT FALL INTO THE TRAP of thinking that it’s about outbidding by offering more money.  If you want to play the game that way, it’s your right, but you’ll end up with workers who will simply take the highest offer and disregard everything else.

Which means that they’ll leave as soon as someone offers them 2% more.

I assume that you probably want people who are interested, loyal, engaged, productive, and happy.  The way you do this is to show them exactly what you DO offer, and then attract the ones who like that.

Assuming, of course, you’re offering something interesting and productive and teamlike.  If you’re not even doing that, then start work on your company culture and job definitions.

Yes, you need to pay your folks a fair wage, and you can get a decent feel by looking at the competition.  It’s what prospective employees will do.

But then clearly articulate what kind of person will be a superstar in your business, and how you will help them to become that superstar.  They’ll learn great stuff, they’ll have a balanced life, and they’ll deliver work that truly makes a difference.

When you do that, you’ll gain a loyal employee.  And they’ll attract others who have the same values with some needed skills.

Which is what you want.