SBA_NSBWWere you aware that next week is National Small Business Week?  I haven’t heard much about this, but thought it would be useful to pass along.

It mostly seems to be just a special campaign by the SBA, but that’s fine with me.  They’re a valuable resource for many people I work with.

Here’s the best thing:  They’re putting on some webinars next week that you can connect with.

  • Do I Have to Pay My Employees for That? Common and Not-So Common Workplace Scenarios
  • The Secrets to Crafting a Digital Footprint
  • What Small Business Owners Need to Know about Liability for Counterfeit Fraud on Chip Card Accounts
  • Voluntary Benefits: Not Just For the Big Guys
  • Payments as a Trigger for Small Business Growth

So go to the SBA website link above, and check this out!