chinese-676648_640This is kind of an arcane concept, right?  That employees should have any loyalty to the company they work for?

Yet, you keep striving for it.  The latest trick I saw yesterday is that some employers are requiring non-compete agreements, even for minimum wage jobs.

Sorry, that’s not the way you build loyalty.

People are loyal to people, not companies.  So how can you, as a leader, encourage your people to be great followers?

Hint: It’s not with money.

Nor with annoying requirements.

The most effective technique, as it turns out, is to be loyal to THEM.  What does this look like?

  • Give people allowance for making mistakes.  You’ve never messed up yourself, right?
  • When conflicts arise, fiercely but fairly defend your folks.
  • Look for opportunities for your people to look good, advance, and do interesting things.
  • Have relationships with each one of them.

Trust breeds trust.  Loyalty breeds loyalty.

Which gives you productivity and happiness.