welcomeI was reading an excellent E-Myth article today on Hiring and Keeping Rockstar Employees.  I was fascinated by their fourth step where they recommend to Hold a Hiring Seminar.  It’s a fantastic idea, and a great way to help your prospective employees to self-select whether they will fit in to your job environment and requirements.

I’ve seen companies which have this kind of thing at a job fair or a massive “hiring day.”  The problem is that this mostly works just for people who can take a day off, who have flexibility with their time.  It may be difficult for those who are already employed, mothers with children, or even those with disabilities.

Those aren’t useful filters.  You’re trying to get great people, right?

Here’s a thought:  Hold a quick session (no more than half an hour) via an online webinar platform.  Here’s the advantages:

  • People can attend anonymously.
  • They can attend from the comfort of their own home, using a PC, tablet, or smart phone.
  • You can make a recording so that people can view it on-demand or via replays at multiple times.
  • You can easily reach people who aren’t within convenient driving distance, but might move given the opportunity.
  • You can give a powerful and consistent message, even pulling in the company CEO or compelling videos.

Spend some time thinking about your target, though.  This technology can sometimes be a bit of a put-off to older workers or those without access to high speed internet.

Doesn’t this feel a lot more like an invitation to join a great company, rather than a bunch of hoops to jump through?

But here’s some hints about how to use a tool like this:

  • Don’t make it boring.
  • Invite people to the event before they submit a job application.
  • Be open, honest, and transparent – you want people who would be a great fit – no marketing whitewash!

Heck, you could even post a video on your website every month or two, to talk about the employee value proposition of your company!