I was a little bit proud that I hit my six year anniversary with Small Fish Business Coaching last week. And LinkedIn was SO helpful to let all my connections know.

The first few well-wishers caught my attention. Then the deluge started. 63 so far, and still counting more than a week later.

So what’s the problem?

Out of those 63, exactly four people have actually created a personal message. So now it feels like the other 59 saw me on the street, said “nice hat!”, and kept walking.

Because I know that they just hit a button that sent a standard greeting. There’s no heart-to-heart connection.

Social media is supposed to be supporting our relationships as human beings. Can you imagine this same thing happening in real life?

It would be devastating.

So here’s the thing to ponder with your interactions: What would you do if you were relating to the other person as a living, wonderful, amazing human being?

When you post something, would you (for instance) give a photocopy of something amusing to 100 friends ten times every day?

When you hit the Like button, how often would you give a friend a thumbs-up gesture and then walk away without saying anything?

When you offer a comment, does it open up a constructive conversation – or do something else?

I totally admit that this is a struggle for me as well. I’m trying to become more thoughtful and human in my interactions, but it is NOT easy.

But don’t be surprised because I didn’t individually respond to each and every standard greeting I received.

It wears you out.