unbalancedThe whole concept of work-life balance is a distraction, in my opinion.

The problem is that we usually think about putting our life into tight little categories.  Work.  Sleep.  Recreation.  Spiritual.  Networking.  “Quality time.”

So what happens when you’re networking, at work, and it turns out to be a quality spiritual experience?

We don’t know how to deal with it.

The solution I have is to not try to categorize things so tightly.  When I can be engaged in my work, I’ll work hard and enjoy the experience.  But I’ll also try to learn from it as personal development.

My relationships in my volunteer work may turn into work relationships.  I don’t push it, but it’s possible.

I can have recreation in connection with my work.  I can have spiritual experiences with my clients.

It’s incredibly freeing, and has given me a more joyful life and career.

This came to mind today because I was visiting Habitat for Humanity, an absolutely amazing non-profit that changes peoples’ lives for the better.  Today I was there representing my business, but I was also promoting volunteerism for Habitat.

It wasn’t about trying to put the activity in a well-defined box.

Although, as it turns out, Habitat builds amazing boxes!