Events like these Startup Weeks can be absolutely transformational. Because, for a whole week, you can immerse yourself in learning new approaches, being inspired, and meeting amazing people.

The format for this used to be industry conferences. But as they became more and more dominated by vendors, they became less about learning and growing. So many of them have died or become irrelevant.

For today’s entrepreneurs, an un-conference or learning week is much more valuable.

We learned things from conferences of the past. You have to set goals. You make a plan. And make sure to take advantage of the random opportunities which present themselves.

A plan is good, but only really works if things are predictable. Startup Week isn’t entirely predictable, by design.

Perhaps that’s an oxymoron.

So dig in. Have fun. Develop as many connections as you can. Grab onto some new ideas, even if they’re not fully formed.

But, after all this, come away with inspiration.

This article was first published in InnovatioNews.