Photo by William Felker on UnsplashToday’s paper again included a full page wrap ad. And, because I pay attention to such things, I noticed the spelling error.

Like every time I’ve seen that ad.

The main headline on both the front and the back had the same mistake. It’s a common error these days, but still … professionals are paid to take care of such things.

I also noticed that the gift card they’ll give you was to a store which … had its name misspelled.

I know that I can get picky about such things, and mistakes happen. I get that.

But this ad is for a painting company, where attention to detail is paramount. So the problem is really about how their advertising message undercuts one of the important principles of the company.

Even before someone contacts them to get information, the potential customer will have doubts seeded in their mind about whether the services is likely to have flaws and lack of follow-through.

This particularly comes to my mind because I had an incredibly lousy paint job done on my house about ten years ago, and vowed never to make that mistake again. When I had the job done recently, you bet I was out there making sure that they took care of every minor little drip and skip.

And they did a fabulous job. I’ve continued recommending them to my neighbors.

Here’s the point: When your message is about quality, make sure that everything you do communicates that. Of if you’re about innovation, make sure you don’t have boring standard business cards.

It matters. Even if people don’t tell you directly.