I know you have the greatest invention in the history of mankind. Something that nobody thought was even possible.

And you’ve applied it in a totally innovative way that just blows people away.

Unfortunately, this led you to create a business plan that is entirely product-centric. When I see your plan, as an outsider, I’m worried about how fragile it is. All it takes is the NEXT whizzy innovation, and you’re in bad trouble.

Because innovation never stops.

What you forgot was the people part of the business. Even if you’re just a one person company, the human part of the equation has much larger impact than whatever you’re producing.

There’s a good reason, after all, why there’s no such thing as a zero-person business.

But why is this? Because it takes people to:

  • Decide what the priorities are
  • Create the product in the first place
  • Market and sell the product
  • Decide who does what
  • Allocate precious resources
  • And so on

Sure, you think you have a product that “sells itself” because it’s so magnificent. But when you look at how the market really works, you realize there’s no such thing. At the very least, people have to find out about what you have, and decide it’s not a total waste of their time and money.

So what does this all mean to your business plan? Well, most of your attention should be on making decisions about the people. If that’s just yourself, fine. But even then you need to decide how to allocation your time, attention and other resources.

Also, since people are endlessly variable and unpredictable, you can NEVER assume that an issue is completely fixed. It might be fixed this morning but then start falling apart tomorrow. That’s the way we are.

Are you putting enough attention to the “people parts” of your business?

This article was first published in InnovatioNews.