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azyq0zd8zai-averie-woodardIt’s possible to lose your way in business.  Maybe the market doesn’t need you so much anymore.  Or processes that used to work well have been surpassed by the competition.

Perhaps you’ve lost your mojo and are just turning the crank.

It’s time to make a big decision.  You can follow the inevitable decline into irrelevance, or maybe just shut the company down because your heart isn’t in it.

Or you can reboot the business.

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Ritsuo Shingo is one of the luminaries in the area of Lean, and he’s coming to Fort Collins on May 12th!  This is a great opportunity to have a real discussion about developing an organization which will run rings around the competition in turbulent times.

Here’s all the information you need.

I’ve mentioned Seth Godin’s work before, which I follow because it helps new and interesting ideas into my head.

Perhaps you remember Purple Cow, a great book about innovative approaches in marketing.  Well, I found out that he’s followed this up with another free e-book called 99 Cows.  It has a bunch of tangible examples of how REAL companies are creating REAL innovation in their approaches.

I know what I’ll be reading this weekend!

I ran across a really powerful article today by Runa Bouius entitled 9 Keys to Abundant Inspiration.  She’s very observant when she notes that the leadership journey begins within.  Everyone has the potential for becoming a powerful leader in some context, but it takes a lot of internal work to bring that out.

Leadership isn’t a set of skills that you learn.

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Part of my marketing is to reach out to business owners in the local area to see if they’re interested to find out more about business coaching.  Bizwest recently published their Mercury 100 list of the area’s fastest growing companies, and we’ve been connecting up with these folks.

A very high proportion of them have worked with a business coach in the past, or are currently.  It may be a group like Vistage or The Alternative Board, or someone like myself who provides one-to-one coaching or mentoring work.

These are the fastest growing and most successful companies.  Hmm…  Do you think that working with a coach might be one of the reasons they’re successful?

Just sayin’.

zappos2Oh, the media are all abuzz about Zappos and its announcement to adopt a holacracy organizational model.  It’s an interesting concept, and I wish them all the best in pulling this off.

It’s a unique and potentially powerful innovation.

There’s a very real danger, though, in considering this independently of the rest of the company’s culture and business model.  Let me give you another example.

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“I can’t believe how screwed up things are – I’m just running from one disaster to another and don’t have time to ever get ahead!”

I hear this from people fairly often, and it’s one of the barriers people have to coaching.  If you’re fighting fires all the time, then you’re making the problem worse by spending time with a coach.  After all, there’s only 24 hours in a day.

To be honest, that’s the math of scarcity, of win-lose.  There ARE alternatives.

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BankI closed out my safe deposit box today and moved it to a different bank.

But let me tell you the interesting story behind this.

I’ve kept our box at this bank for 29 years now.  Even when we moved out all our other accounts from the bank, it was just too annoying to think about moving the box.  So every December, I’ve dutifully paid the bill for renting it for the next year.  They didn’t increase the fee, so it was just easier to let it sit.

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girls-play-and-plant-flowers-in-the-parkI’m a big fan of doing great work: it’s something I strive for constantly.  The problem is that it can take a toll on your energy.

Even when it’s work you love.

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SnowThose of you here in northern Colorado know about the big snow storm we had last week.  I think we got about 20 inches at our house, and it was extremely heavy stuff.

But, being Colorado, it was all melted by Sunday.  Glorious.

So the standard question THIS week is:  How did the storm affect you and your business?  Because, of course, it may uncover an interesting story.

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