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Photo by Sebastián León Prado on UnsplashEverybody wants to have a great company and a great life.

I’m fortunate to work with a number of inspiring business leaders, but it’s easy for them to lose their spark under the day-to-day pressure. No matter what your story is, you still have to make sure that nitty-gritty stuff gets done.

Paying the bills. Filing taxes. Paying your workers.

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TeamSometimes the topics for the week just pop out from great conversations!

I’ve talked to several people this week about the challenge of building a great, motivated, top-notch team.  This is especially challenging when you’re just starting out, because each person you add radically changes what everybody else is doing.

I hope you realize by now that you can either focus on hiring for character, or hiring for skills.  Of course, character traits are much more important because they’re extremely hard to change.  If you need someone who is readily adaptable to change and hire a person who resists every new idea, then they’re probably going to be miserable until the day they’re no longer with you.  Or you’re able to put them in a more stable and predictable position.

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