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How are you using your talents to benefit the community?

I had a bit of a chance to play yesterday.


It was another great day with Leadership Fort Collins, this time focused on emergency services in the area:  Fire, police, SWAT, dispatch, and so on.  We even had a great panel giving us an update on the hard work that’s being done to implement Amendment 64, the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state.  Boy, that’s much tougher than the voters would ever expect.

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Here’s my top 10 reasons why it’s healthy for your business to contribute time, goods or money to charitable causes:

  1. It does good for people or the cause that you’re contributing to.
  2. People form an impression by seeing how you behave.
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I’ve been fortunate to be hooked up with Leadership Fort Collins this year.  It’s an exciting opportunity to get connected with a lot of pivotal activities in the city – and more importantly, a bunch of people who are out there DOING important stuff.

Sometimes I tire of all the conversation going on in the newspaper, Facebook, and meetup groups.  It can be great stuff – don’t get me wrong – but I find too many instances where talking is taking the place of doing.

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