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180907_Choice_Mag_cover smallOver the span of my career, I’ve discovered that anything is learnable. Though it might take 10,000 hours to achieve mastery, I can achieve a certain level of competence.

But it’s not always desirable.

I could learn how to be a results-only, hard-driving command-and-control leader. But that’s not who I want to be.

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I hope you’ve had a chance to take a bit of a break! This is important for bringing our best to our customers and organizations.

matthews houseIn 2017, 6 coaches from the Northern Colorado Coaches Forum provided pro bono coaching services to staff at The Matthews House as a philanthropic project celebrating International Coaching Week.  The idea originated from NCCF’s desire to spread awareness about the benefits of coaching and offer a valuable service to the nonprofit community.

“I found my experience to be very worthwhile and encouraged my coworkers to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.”

The Northern Colorado Coaches Forum is a learning community meeting monthly, with the mission to provide high quality professional development opportunities and collegial support for coaches in Northern Colorado.  Coaches utilize powerful questions and deep-listening to inspire clients to maximize their personal and professional potential.  The Matthews House empowers youth and families by building trusting relationships and providing resources to disrupt the cycles of poverty and abuse.

The six coaches each provided 3 or more coaching sessions to a total of nine Matthews House staff members.  Survey responses from the people who were coached showed that they found the coaching services to be beneficial.  When asked what value they found in the coaching, one respondent said that “meeting with my coach helped me be more objective in making decisions. Coaching helped me establish a process of reacting to situations and coworkers, then putting actionable steps in place to make forward progress. I have already had a handful of opportunities to directly apply what I learned with my coach in my daily operations.”   Another said “I very much appreciated how well [my coach] did in asking reflective questions of me in order for [me] to come up with my own solutions. She also did a very good job observing my body language and sharing her [observations] so that I was made aware of how I was presenting myself.”

Thank you to Jason Veliquette, Debra DeVilbiss, Carl Dierschow, Diana Hutchinson, Abby Veliquette, and Maria Swall for providing this valuable service to our staff.  To learn more about coaching or the Northern Colorado Coaches Forum, contact Maria at

We had some awesome examples at last week’s ICF Colorado meeting!

Such simple questions can elicit such awesome insights.

Are you looking to speak to coaches and leaders in the Denver area?  You have two days left to submit your proposal!

We’re all building on the work of those who have gone before us.  In our country, our community, our profession, ….

It’s time to be grateful and think about how we’re building the foundation for the next generation!

I’ve been noticing that my life and business is in a time of transition, and this seems to be a general theme with people I’m talking to.  But let’s celebrate!  This is a time when choices are most available, and they have the biggest impact.

It looks like circumstances in our country, in our economy, and in our society are pushing fear up to the max.  But how are we reacting?

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