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Sure, my work as a coach is all about helping people.  But how do I balance that with what I do outside my business?  Here’s today’s thought:


Last week was a big intersection of many of my varied communities – family, ICF Colorado, Conscious Capitalism, church, and so on.  So it got me thinking …

Community is important for quite a few reasons:

  • Connecting with customers
  • Getting support
  • Generating ideas and being creative
  • Contributing to the larger world

So who do you count as your communities?

SGCTen years ago, Bo Burlingham wrote a business book named Small Giants which became quite popular. So much so that communities have sprung up around the world to support businesses which are putting these concepts to work.

What’s the new idea?

Bo profiled a number of companies who built powerful organizations by choosing to remain privately held. Read the rest of this entry »

The Athletic Director was fired from the local university a few days ago, which has created all kinds of conjectures about how it affects the building of a new on-campus stadium.  That has been quite the topic of debate for a couple of years now.

But what caught my attention today was the AD’s quote in the paper: “I wasn’t in it for a popularity contest.  That’s not what leadership is.”

Of course he’s right.  But we’ve all seen how this concept gets abused.

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Diversity has been given a bad name. There’s an implication that it’s just about government getting in the way of your business. But really, diversity is a powerful and useful concept.

We all tend to seek out people who are similar to us; that’s part of human nature. So when you’re looking for employees, you tend to be most comfortable with those candidates who share your point of view. You get along.

It’s a dangerous thing.

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I had a bit of a chance to play yesterday.


It was another great day with Leadership Fort Collins, this time focused on emergency services in the area:  Fire, police, SWAT, dispatch, and so on.  We even had a great panel giving us an update on the hard work that’s being done to implement Amendment 64, the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state.  Boy, that’s much tougher than the voters would ever expect.

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Architect CollaborationI was reading a note from a colleague in Denver who owns an architectural firm: A beautiful start.  This got me thinking about the power of collaboration – primarily the different energy and vitality that it brings.

I have a more personal example right now:  Read the rest of this entry »

It’s a great day to be thankful for all the gifts I’ve received this year.  For my family, for my clients, for the many friends I’ve made.

Starting up a new business isn’t easy, and there’s days which are incredibly frustrating.  But today’s the time to look at the positive side.

I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, even if it’s not something you celebrate where you are.

September 6, 2012

Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce
Ann Hutchison, Executive Vice President
(970) 482-3746

2012-2013 Leadership Fort Collins Class
Members Announced

Thirty-three current and emerging leaders were recently selected to participate in the 2012-2013 Leadership Fort Collins program.  The group is a diverse mix of professions with representative from education, large and small business, not for profit and city and state office.

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