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We’d like to think that customers buy our products because they’re so impressed with its features and functions. The problem is that this totally ignores other factors in the purchase decision.

The truth is that there are a lot of other elements, many of which can work in your favor if you just communicate differently.

When was the last time you vowed that “I’ll never work with that company again” after getting burned? Or when you’re looking for products, you think, “Hmm, I don’t think I’ll look at things from that company”?

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Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on UnsplashThe term “conscious” has taken hold in recent years in the context of business. The concept has been around for a long time, but until the last decade was always considered a bit of an oddity.

So what does it mean?

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alex-blajan-99325There’s a lot of exciting progress happening. Property values are up. Unemployment is down. Communities are growing.

I’m honored to work with clients in an amazing diversity of industries, and I’m seeing that optimism is generally much higher than it was last year.

Of course, as business leaders, we’re charged with looking at the big picture and taking the long view. So we know that good news tends to blind us to problems, and an up-cycle will surely be followed by the down-cycle.

That’s not a bad thing. It’s how the world works.

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Frog“I’ve interviewed tons of people, but nobody seems like a good fit for this job.”

“Well, you know it”s a numbers game! You have to talk to a whole bunch of people to find the good ones.”

There’s many places where we talk about the “numbers game” to be successful:

  • Sales prospecting
  • Finding employees
  • Dating
  • Finding a buyer for your house

Here’s the problem: It’s not exactly false, but it leads you into bad decisions.

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SONY DSCThere’s one key to a successful business.

We worry about a lot of things, and things get complicated.  Employees, partners, marketing, product development, it goes on and on.

But there’s exactly one thing for you to succeed.  Without it, everything falls apart.

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Source: Alan Dean

Source: Alan Dean

My year is exploding.  But in a good way.

I’ve signed up for a whole bunch of workshops and presentations, in an effort to really “up my game” in delivering value to the community.  Here’s a taste:

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Customer CareYour business exists to serve customers.

I don’t care whether you have products or services, whether you deal in low price commodities or super expensive transactions.  The fact is that you don’t exist unless your customers decide to give you their valuable time and money in exchange for what you provide.

It may seem trivial, but the logical conclusion is that if you don’t serve your customers in the way they want and need, you’ll lose them.  And you’ll lose your business.

Big duh.

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This morning I had a chance to see a presentation by a new member of the Chamber of Commerce.  It was by the Pastor who has formed a new church in town.

Why would a church join the Chamber of Commerce?

First, because the Chamber does a lot more than introducing businesses to each other.  They also champion local causes to city and state government, and they provide opportunities for education and development.

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I was listening to an interesting podcast this morning, and the interviewee stated something which challenged me:

“I don’t target getting new people to read my information.  I target my BEST customers, and the rest are drawn because of the value they see.”

This is perhaps different than the traditional wisdom, but let’s think about it for a moment.

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I get lots of newsletters.  I don’t know if I’m a junkie, exactly, but sometimes it feels like my email is swimming with these things.

But it gives me an opportunity to form opinions about what works best.  And what doesn’t.

There’s a whole group of messages which look like plain old emails which were sent to hundreds or thousands of people.  Sure, this is the least expensive approach, but it’s not giving a great impression of the company.  Read the rest of this entry »

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