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I had an intriguing conversation with someone at DrupalCon about the emergence of Drupal Apps.  So I thought I’d offer an outsider’s viewpoint.

One concern I heard is that the emergence of apps into the space will destabilize the balance of power Read the rest of this entry »

At DrupalCon CxO, I mentioned that the connection between your employees and customers can be a powerful way to influence employee loyalty.  There was a bit of confusion about the topic, though, so it might be helpful to give an example.

When I was leading a small team of employees in a software team back in 1991, we were working with customers that weren’t really well served by the larger organization.  We had a weird product, serving a weird need, and the rest of our division didn’t focus on that.

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In preparation for my presentation on Monday, I talked with CEOs of four different Drupal companies.  I had some good chats with the leaders of as well.

Much of what I heard wasn’t a HUGE surprise, except for a couple of things:

I had a chance to deliver a presentation to a group of CxOs at the DrupalCon conference in Denver yesterday.  This is a pretty amazing industry, folks, one that many would give their left leg for.  Huge growth, plenty of opportunity.

Despite, that, it has its share of challenges.   Read the rest of this entry »

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