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I know you have the greatest invention in the history of mankind. Something that nobody thought was even possible.

And you’ve applied it in a totally innovative way that just blows people away.

Unfortunately, this led you to create a business plan that is entirely product-centric. When I see your plan, as an outsider, I’m worried about how fragile it is. All it takes is the NEXT whizzy innovation, and you’re in bad trouble.

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I was looking at how nature is hunkering down for colder weather …

We have time for some great things before holiday craziness starts in!

Work is the thing that you do when you’re not having a life.

Or at least that’s the mentality that most employees bring to their jobs.  Essentially, they’re renting their time and skills to the company while putting everything else on hold.

But you know the problem with this mindset:  You usually just get the minimum level of productivity and dedication to your customers.

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work-harderYou have some top priorities for your business: To create a great company. To solve real problems for your customers. To do it sustainably.

And your employees are your most important, most impactful asset. The question is whether they really are pulling the same direction to achieve your company’s mission.

Before you protest that you’ve delivered great training and make sure managers are closely directing the work.

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abstractWe’ve talked a lot about the mission of your business, and driving employee engagement from that.

It works the other way around, too!

Your employees have a broad range of interests:  family, sports, social groups, hobbies, and so on. What do they have to do with job performance? Don’t they actually take time away from work?

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I had a wonderful discussion this morning with an inspired young lady doing great work in the area of mentoring.  It’s a fascinating topic for me.

One of the challenges around mentoring is that you want the people (the mentor and the mentee) to develop an honest, supportive, productive relationship with each other. Rather like coaching, actually.

But mentoring usually involves people who are contributing their time rather than getting paid.  So it’s even more important to pay attention to what sustains them.

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