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Stack of moneyThere’s a lot of different opportunities out there which fall in the classification of Franchises, Direct Marketing, and Multi-Level Marketing.

I believe that there’s a couple of reason why these things seem to be going through explosive growth right now.  First, a lot of people have been affected by the recession.  Second, those people are feeling a bit burned by putting their careers in the hands of a large company, and are thinking about “taking control of their destiny.”

Heck, that includes me too.  It’s why I do what I do.

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Crazy to start a company – or buy one – or join a franchise…  Really?

I thought I’d mention that I’m going to be giving a presentation at the Northern Colorado Career & Business Symposium on November 16th with Leslie Lautzenhiser.  The subject is whether taking any of these directions is courageous or crazy.

If you know someone who’s been thinking about becoming their own boss – or if you’re thinking that yourself – go to the website and signup before the slots disappear.  There’s a whole bunch of great content.

Ours is the best, of course. 😉

Everybody knows the statistics:  Startups fail at a staggering rate.  An SBA study a decade ago indicated that 50% of small business startups fail within 4 years.    I’ve heard other numbers, but it’s a pretty dismal outlook.

I was interested, then, to run across today’s report from FranNet entitled Survey Data Show 91 Percent Success Rate for FranNet-aided Franchises. That’s 91% survival in two years, versus 64% for the broader population of startups.

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