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Source: Alan Dean

Source: Alan Dean

My year is exploding.  But in a good way.

I’ve signed up for a whole bunch of workshops and presentations, in an effort to really “up my game” in delivering value to the community.  Here’s a taste:

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I’ve mentioned Seth Godin’s work before, which I follow because it helps new and interesting ideas into my head.

Perhaps you remember Purple Cow, a great book about innovative approaches in marketing.  Well, I found out that he’s followed this up with another free e-book called 99 Cows.  It has a bunch of tangible examples of how REAL companies are creating REAL innovation in their approaches.

I know what I’ll be reading this weekend!

By Publishing House Mérida (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsYou want energized and enthusiastic employees, right?

A great way to grow a group of fantastic workers is to give them the ability to create, to innovate … even to play. But how do you keep them from wasting time and being distracted?

It all comes down to defining a great “playground.”

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Today’s message is short and sweet:  If you want people to have initiative, then you have to let them exercise it.

A sure way to drive away a great employee is to promise that they’ll be given freedom to do great things, but then put up barriers every time they try something new.

Be honest with yourself:  How much and where do you REALLY want people to take initiative?  Then communicate and reinforce that.  And address the barriers and attitudes which are getting in the way.

Picture1I had a wonderful discussion today with a friend who has been struggling to integrate three radically different ways of thinking:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Church music

We discovered that each of these lenses brings a valuable, and fascinating, set of viewpoints.  The solution lies not with any single one of these, but with the ability to play between all three.

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One of the perks of my business is having wonderful discussions with a whole bunch of bright people in diverse industries.  It’s one of the key things that keeps me going!

One of the discussions this last week was about, of all things, automotive sales.  We all have our own impressions of auto dealers, but let’s just admit that consumers’ perception of this industry are pretty darned low.  Everybody has their horror stories to tell.

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To blame is to choose to remain the same.”
Andy Stanley

I ran across this quote recently, and it struck me as very pertinent to the issues we’re confronting right now.  No doubt you have a great many things which frustrate you, which are holding you back from your vision for where you could be.

If only X wasn’t in the way.

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Architect CollaborationI was reading a note from a colleague in Denver who owns an architectural firm: A beautiful start.  This got me thinking about the power of collaboration – primarily the different energy and vitality that it brings.

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I’ve been fortunate to be hooked up with Leadership Fort Collins this year.  It’s an exciting opportunity to get connected with a lot of pivotal activities in the city – and more importantly, a bunch of people who are out there DOING important stuff.

Sometimes I tire of all the conversation going on in the newspaper, Facebook, and meetup groups.  It can be great stuff – don’t get me wrong – but I find too many instances where talking is taking the place of doing.

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I’m surprised by the number of people in northern Colorado tech companies who haven’t heard about InnovatioNews.  OK, it’s pretty new, but it fills a big hole in the local news scene.

There’s a lot – HUGE amounts – going on with high tech in the area.  Click on this logo below, and it’ll take you to some great blog posts too.

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