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Photo by Gilles Lambert on UnsplashWe sure do focus a lot on innovation in technology.

And that’s fine, I guess, but it leads us to think that tech is how most problems get solved. And in my experience, it’s usually not the problem.

Most often, innovation needs to happen in the way people think and interact.

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sai-kiran-anagani-74899We love to hold up technology advancements in examples of moving society forward. Steam engines. Light bulbs. Drones. Cell phones.

But we only do this because they’re tangible. You can take a picture of it, perhaps even hold it in your hand.

I would argue that the vast majority of innovations aren’t technological at all. They’re process refinements, business models, and marketing strategies.

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I was quite excited to see Gallup’s new update of the State of the American Workplace.  You can get it for free, and it has incredibly valuable insights for any company or organization that has employees.

I thought I’d dig into one area today that’s been an ongoing topic for discussion.  Let’s look at what employees are saying about what kinds of benefits and perks would cause them to change jobs.


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How can you inject some creativity for your clients?


You’ve come up against the insurmountable obstacle. Both the rock AND the hard place. What now?

First, take some time to decompress. Your anxiety is through the roof, so we have to let that calm down a bit.

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nextdoor-logoI’ve been connected with the social platform Nextdoor for a couple of years now.  It’s an interesting concept which connects people who live near each other in actual, physical neighborhoods.

It’s fascinating to me, because with all the online connections we have these days, we’ve lost touch with people who live just next door.

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It’s springtime! Time to poke your head out and look around a little!

I’m seeing a wealth of opportunities now for people to connect with peers, to get inspired, and to bring in some new ideas. Plus, for many, the energy has changed as the kids get out of school and we have more family time.

Small giants summitIn June, I’ll be reporting from the Small Giants Summit in Denver. That’s a great forum for business owners dedicated to changing the world through powerful, focused, and profitable business practices.

Sum+subThen the following week, Conscious Capitalism is sponsoring the local Sum+Substance event – a fresh and inspiring take on the TED talks that people know and love so much.

In July, you can catch the Quid Novi Summer Jams, a great chance to connect with innovators and business leaders in Fort Collins.

Jams_webThese are just a few of the creative gatherings which can help bring fresh ideas into your business. And, of course, take advantage of Denver Startup Week in September and whatever is going on in your particular industry.

Learn a lot, have fun, meet some great people, and drink some local brews!

It’s going to be a wonderful summer!

This article was first published in InnovatioNews.

SONY DSCThere’s one key to a successful business.

We worry about a lot of things, and things get complicated.  Employees, partners, marketing, product development, it goes on and on.

But there’s exactly one thing for you to succeed.  Without it, everything falls apart.

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You know that innovation in your business carries risk. That new product might fail. The creative marketing campaign might bomb. So you cautiously invest in these efforts, attempting to control any damage which might result.

But you may not have realized that innovation is also personally risky for your employees. Despite your best efforts to encourage your folks to be creative and “think outside the box,” they experience personal turmoil in actually doing it.

Here’s why:

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spectrum-395351_640I’m a pretty creative guy, I guess.  Not artistic-creative, but I have a lot of business ideas I bring to the community.

People sometimes ask me where I get these ideas.  I’ve done about 900 blog posts now (on this blog and others) and that’s a lot of subjects to write about.

The honest truth?  The ideas mostly come from others.  I pay attention and notice things.

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