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Crazy to start a company – or buy one – or join a franchise…  Really?

I thought I’d mention that I’m going to be giving a presentation at the Northern Colorado Career & Business Symposium on November 16th with Leslie Lautzenhiser.  The subject is whether taking any of these directions is courageous or crazy.

If you know someone who’s been thinking about becoming their own boss – or if you’re thinking that yourself – go to the website and signup before the slots disappear.  There’s a whole bunch of great content.

Ours is the best, of course. 😉

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies have a very interesting model.  Perhaps you’re familiar with Avon and Mary Kay, both of which are very successful businesses.

But you may also have a sour feeling about other MLMs.  Amway developed such a bad reputation over the last thirty years that it almost killed the company.

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