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I had a chance to support someone this week who wrote an article called What’s the Best Way to Keep Employees Motivated? It’s a decent article, filled with advice from all kinds of industries and businesses.  I’m quoted there.

It’s a common problem.  And the more the economy improves, the more employees will be looking to switch jobs and advance their careers.

What struck me about this article was that most ideas were around treating employees as actual, living, breathing humans.  Every person is an individual and every team has its unique character.

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I’ve been watching an important trend for several years, and I see that the Washington Post just published an article on the growing difficulty of retaining top talent.

Here’s the story:

During the recession, employers have been under heavy pressure to do more with less.  They’ve shed employees, delayed training investments, and generally made life more miserable for employees.  For YEARS.

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