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bargain-455999_640I received an interesting email this morning from a company which says it’s recruiting coaches for another (unnamed) firm.  Having a little time to investigate, and being inquisitive, I decided to check it out.

The first thing I did was to type in the name of this company and its website and the word “scam” into Google.  That often finds people who are talking about it in a negative way; if they’re using the word “scam” then they have fairly strong feelings.

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SONY DSCThere’s one key to a successful business.

We worry about a lot of things, and things get complicated.  Employees, partners, marketing, product development, it goes on and on.

But there’s exactly one thing for you to succeed.  Without it, everything falls apart.

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If you’ve ever been to a trade show or promotional event of any kind, you know what I’m talking about.  Schwag is that branded giveaway stuff to help entice you to remember a company.

Berthoud Chamber ribbon cuttingI had a Chamber of Commerce ribbon-cutting this week, a fantastic opportunity to meet other business owners in the community.  Definitely take advantage of opportunities like this when you join a Chamber!

As part of the business-to-business connection, it’s common to receive a “schwag bag” of goodies contributed by all the other businesses.  Well, I had an opportunity to look through the bag today, and it got me thinking about the nature of these giveaways.

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Julie has some great observations about how to get free (or super cheap) marketing impressions. Are you taking advantage of this in YOUR business?


Car dealerships have the market on low cost-per-impressions--learn how you can do the same. Have you ever driven up behind someone and noticed a car dealership decal on the back window (see image on right—the sticker is located below the back brake light)? If you live in Northern Colorado, your answer should most definitely be “yes.” Every dealership in the area must have gotten a great deal on back window decals. Or, rather, one dealership started doing it and all the others followed suit.

My husband has always been baffled by this and has even gone as far as to ask our friends who have recently purchased cars, “Did you get a discount for letting them put that sticker on your back window?” The answer is always, “No.” This response gets my husband riled up, mainly because he thinks the stickers are obnoxious. And, it always gets me thinking: how could other businesses capitalize on such an easy, and basically free, way to market?

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Customer CareYour business exists to serve customers.

I don’t care whether you have products or services, whether you deal in low price commodities or super expensive transactions.  The fact is that you don’t exist unless your customers decide to give you their valuable time and money in exchange for what you provide.

It may seem trivial, but the logical conclusion is that if you don’t serve your customers in the way they want and need, you’ll lose them.  And you’ll lose your business.

Big duh.

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Cobbles IcesMost sales processes assume that you have what the customer wants.  Or, you can convince them that they want whatever you have.  Or, that your product or service can be made to fit whatever their needs are.

When I state it that way, the fallacy is obvious.  Yet we continue to approach sales with this mentality.

You say you want food that’s gluten-free?  Well, uh, maybe these rolls don’t have much gluten in them.  Not satisfied?  Well, I can sell you a salad.  Not what you’re looking for?  But it’s such a fantastic salad!  You should really want it!

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This morning I had a chance to see a presentation by a new member of the Chamber of Commerce.  It was by the Pastor who has formed a new church in town.

Why would a church join the Chamber of Commerce?

First, because the Chamber does a lot more than introducing businesses to each other.  They also champion local causes to city and state government, and they provide opportunities for education and development.

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New ImprovedI was watching TV this morning, being lazy on a gorgeous Saturday.  An ad came on for a product:

Get one can of this amazing product for $19.99!
Plus shipping & handling!
Order now, and we’ll double your order!
(Just pay extra shipping & handling!)
And we’ll throw in a bottle of this OTHER stuff too!

We see this all the time, of course.  It’s just more of the noise of advertising these days.

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I’ve been noticing more cars recently with one headlight burnt out.  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I had that happen to my car a few weeks ago, but it seems a higher proportion than normal.

Is it an indicator of something deeper?

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A great colleague of mine, Ariana Friedlander, wrote an important article today entitled The Easiest Way to Fire a Client is to Never Get Hired by them in the First Place. This is a great read for anyone who’s in a relationship-based business like coaching or consulting.  Go have a read.

I’ve had clients that I should have “fired” in the past.  It can be painful to not know how to bring an engagement to a close, especially when the client says they’d like to continue despite getting little value and causing you grief.

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