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I was a little bit proud that I hit my six year anniversary with Small Fish Business Coaching last week. And LinkedIn was SO helpful to let all my connections know.

The first few well-wishers caught my attention. Then the deluge started. 63 so far, and still counting more than a week later.

So what’s the problem?

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I was listening to an interesting podcast this morning, and the interviewee stated something which challenged me:

“I don’t target getting new people to read my information.  I target my BEST customers, and the rest are drawn because of the value they see.”

This is perhaps different than the traditional wisdom, but let’s think about it for a moment.

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YikesSometimes it feels like passwords are the bane of my existence.

Some years ago, I realized that keeping track of passwords in a text file was probably not real bright.  If someone stole my PC, it would be a simple matter to bypass the Windows login and find all the keys to my identity.  So I switched over to a free password manager (KeePass) and have been tracking things in there ever since.

As of today, I have 383 passwords stored in there.  It’s out of control!

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754This morning, I was wondering how many blog posts I’ve done over the last five years or so.  It’s part of the reflection I do at the beginning of the year, look at my priorities and investments with a fresh point of view.

This blog post will be number 754.  You won’t find all of them on THIS site, because I have several others I maintain and a couple which were abandoned as I changed my business emphasis.  But still, that’s a higher number than I would have expected.

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Frustration ComputerI had a chance to witness an interesting exchange recently that went totally out of control.  This happens all the time in social media like Facebook or LinkedIn, and on email as well.

One person makes a comment which expresses a point of view – perhaps a little controversial, but it doesn’t even have to be that.  It may in fact be a totally reasonable comment in the way they view the world.

Then the comment raises the emotions of a reader.  Perhaps that person misunderstands the message or the intent, but perhaps it’s just something that wouldn’t be said the same way in their world.

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Monday, my PC came down with the same virus that I got last time.  Fortunately, this time I knew enough to not even waste any time – I just took it into the shop immediately so they could work their magic.

I’m a geek, but not THAT good.  And I don’t have all the great tools.

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As you know, I’m not exactly a fan of social coupon sites like Groupon, LivingSocial, and DealChicken.  So I was excited to hear about a success story today with a friend who used LivingSocial for her business.

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I monitor a whole bunch of LinkedIn groups for various reasons.  They can be wonderful assets, but there’s a few of them which have been nearly destroyed by misuse of the technology.

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I was having a great discussion yesterday with some people who are just dipping their toe into social media.  One thing that was holding them back was the stories they hear about discussions and comments getting a bit out of hand.

It happens.

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I had a great discussion this morning who was struggling with where to invest in new technology.  She’s a confessed “late adopter” of technical goodies, so it’s all a bit daunting where to start.

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