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Haley Joel Osment in Pay It ForwardIn the 2000 movie Pay It Forward I first heard about this interesting concept.  In a nutshell:  Paying back means offering something in return for what you’ve received.  Paying forward means giving something to others because of what they’ll give to others further out there in the world.

I heard a story on a podcast yesterday:  At a Starbucks in Omaha, a person in the drive-through paid for the person behind them as well.  Over the course of the day, each customer then paid for the person next in line, and it continued for the entire day.  This story appears to have now passed into urban legend, so it’s hard to tell to what extent it’s true, but let’s go with the concept.

It’s altruistic and all that, maybe makes you feel warm and fuzzy, but what’s the point?

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