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Every person, every group has its superpower. In fact, it’s probably right under your nose and you don’t even recognize it.

Sometimes it’s a stunning differentiator in your product or service. That unique advantage that nobody else can touch.

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I was talking with a gentleman last week who happened to be traveling through Fort Collins and picked up my business card. It turns out that he was out here from the west coast because he has a desire to move to Colorado at some point in the future.

Perhaps. Maybe. Some day.

Being a coach, I had to ask him how serious he is about this. And, honestly, he didn’t really know. It’s just something he’s been pondering.

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2017-06-16_1517Focus is a great thing. When you use a magnifying glass to focus the sun’s rays, you end up with a lot of power in a very specific place.

This power is useful in many ways.

When you specialize your coaching business, you’re bringing a more powerful message to the people who most care.

When you tighten the scope of a coaching discussion, you’re increasing the possible outcome for a specific area of work.

And when you concentrate on a particular area for the next hour, you’ve just increased the likelihood of accomplishing something useful.

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wordsLeaders often struggle with the capturing their “bigger why,” the compelling thing their organization is trying to achieve. One challenge is that there are multiple ways to represent it:

Purpose:  A statement of purpose focuses on how you relate to the world around you, capturing the unique and powerful role you want to play.

Mission: A mission statement conveys a sense of movement and accomplishment. You’re going toward something important and even exciting.

Vision: A vision describes an inspiring “end state” that, paradoxically, is usually unachievable.  But it captures a future scenario that is beautiful and compelling. Read the rest of this entry »

One of the joys of my work is that I get to experience the creation of new businesses.  It can be a wonderful, confusing, and enlightening phase, filled with the dream of bringing life to a new vision.

_DSC1809I had a chance recently to speak with Leigh Spector, who is starting up a Yoga and Reiki practice here in Fort Collins.  Named Warm Plus Fidget Yoga, it’s so new that its online presence is still being built and improves on a daily basis.

What I find amazing about Leigh is her passion around improving the lives of pregnant mothers and new moms.  It’s this clarity which helps her to create a presence which is interesting and compelling.

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Coaches, by nature, tend to be optimistic.  We also tend to focus more on the future than on the past, because you can’t change the past – you just learn from it.

So a new year tends to help us look at all the great new possibilities which open up.

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ExitI sometimes talk to people about the exit plans for their business.  Most people haven’t really thought about it much, because they’re busy trying to keep their company above water.

But even if you don’t ever plan to exit the business – or maybe that date is 30+ years away – this discussion can give you insights.


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September 6, 2012

Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce
Ann Hutchison, Executive Vice President
(970) 482-3746

2012-2013 Leadership Fort Collins Class
Members Announced

Thirty-three current and emerging leaders were recently selected to participate in the 2012-2013 Leadership Fort Collins program.  The group is a diverse mix of professions with representative from education, large and small business, not for profit and city and state office.

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One of my good friends, Jon Hokama, wrote a very interesting article today about maintaining balance:

As people age, they begin to worry about falling. They tend to start looking down at the ground in front of them to be sure they won’t trip over something. Ironically, that posture will most likely lead to them falling!

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I was reading a great article today on the HBR site, Leadership is a Conversation.  The author makes some good points about the need to shift from a command-and-control leadership style, to one which helps employees not just comply but to be excited to contribute.

I’m a firm believer, because it’s not just about people doing their job.  It’s about increasing their contribution even further than you expect.

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