It happened to me this week:  My PC got a nasty virus and was incapacitated for a couple of days.  In my case, I was lucky – only a minor amount of information was lost.

I know, I know, everybody always tells you:  Back Up Your PC.

But seriously, how much damage would be done if your PC got creamed, either temporarily or permanently?  Worse yet, if it got stolen?

As you know, I spent many years working in the PC industry, so I’ve had plenty of machines croak on me.  Most of them with no warning, so everything instantly disappeared.

I’ve learned the value of backups.

For my solution, I had a local IT expert set up a new 2 TB backup server in my house, and it has redundant discs in case one fails.  It automagically backs up every machine in my house, no intervention required (using inexpensive software called SyncBack SE).

I also have an amazing amount of data duplicated via

  • Synchronization with my phone
  • Emails and calendar which is done through Gmail
  • Important files located in Dropbox
  • Other duplicated files between different PCs in the house

So remember, dear readers, set up an automatic backup system for your business.  It’s like brushing your teeth – if you don’t, you’ll REALLY be sorry down the road.  You just don’t know when.