Work is the thing that you do when you’re not having a life.

Or at least that’s the mentality that most employees bring to their jobs.  Essentially, they’re renting their time and skills to the company while putting everything else on hold.

But you know the problem with this mindset:  You usually just get the minimum level of productivity and dedication to your customers.Carl_Dierschow_USE

This is a problem even in well-paying jobs, by the way.  So there’s not much correlation between pay and sustained job engagement.  Gallup just put out their new State of the American Workplace report for 2017, showing that few companies do a good job of engaging their workers.

You can be the exception.

It all stems from employees connecting their personal passion to what matters to the business.  Part of this is done by fitting the right people into jobs, and fitting the jobs to peoples’ skills and interests.

Yes, you can customize a job.  That’s one of the parts of being a leader.

But that’s all dry and unemotional.  The truly great leaders also engage the emotions and passions of each person – the soft gooshy stuff that’s hard to describe.

It starts with your own passion for the business, for the customers, for your job.  If you don’t have that, your folks won’t see any reason to care.  Beyond that, you have to understand each person’s desires, priorities and interests, then work with them to attach that to the job tasks.

Working together is crucial.

When you’re involved in a decision, you’re committed to the follow-through much more than if a decision is handed down to you.  Even if it was the exact same decision for the same reasons.

So work with each of your people to figure this out.  That’s going to unlock their passion for doing great work.

This article was first published in InnovatioNews.

We’re entering into a great new season here in Colorado!  But distraction and overwhelm can take us away from solid, productive work.  So here’s my thought for the week:

Here’s a wonderful example of what happens when you don’t listen to the commonly accepted limits!

tribesWho’s your tribe?

In 2008, Seth Godin wrote a powerful book titled, “Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us.” It digs into the concept of leadership by influence and attraction.

Some of the strongest leaders I work with have their own unique twist on this concept. Specifically, they map out the spheres of influence around their company’s mission.

This is powerful because businesses on a mission usually feel like they’re so unusual that nobody understands them. It starts feeling like nobody really cares.

That’s not true!

The fact is that if you’re working to make the world a better place — through people, products, services, or influence — that there are others who align with your values. They have a desire to help you succeed, even if they haven’t heard about you yet. Read the rest of this entry »

Last week was a big intersection of many of my varied communities – family, ICF Colorado, Conscious Capitalism, church, and so on.  So it got me thinking …

I’ve been in a reflective mood this week, which got me thinking about some of the Big Questions of life.

What are you doing in YOUR corner of the world?

We’re all building on the work of those who have gone before us.  In our country, our community, our profession, ….

It’s time to be grateful and think about how we’re building the foundation for the next generation!

I was quite excited to see Gallup’s new update of the State of the American Workplace.  You can get it for free, and it has incredibly valuable insights for any company or organization that has employees.

I thought I’d dig into one area today that’s been an ongoing topic for discussion.  Let’s look at what employees are saying about what kinds of benefits and perks would cause them to change jobs.


Read the rest of this entry »

Y’know, we’re human too.  We need support, especially when we’re supposed to be so cool and collected and have it all together!

I’ve been noticing that my life and business is in a time of transition, and this seems to be a general theme with people I’m talking to.  But let’s celebrate!  This is a time when choices are most available, and they have the biggest impact.