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Photo by Sammie Vasquez on Unsplash

You want to take the leap, but … there’s a pause.

When I was a kid, trying to build up my nerves to jump off the 3 metre board at the swimming pool. When I finally did, it was a joyous experience! But I only worked up to jumping off the 5 metre board once.

In my business, I’ve had some of those big-decision moments as well. Here I am, faced with a key decision, afraid but excited to move forward.

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I was working with others on the ICF-CO Fall Conference, where someone remarked, “You know, Fearless Leadership [the conference theme] isn’t about fear!”

So what IS it about? Well, here’s the answer …

How can you inject some creativity for your clients?

Despite what the statistics say, most companies in Northern Colorado are still experiencing the effects of the recession. Some are experiencing an upturn, but many are not.

In times of economic hardship, there are typically three directions that companies take:

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