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I’ve been SO inspired and uplifted by the conferences that ICF Colorado has put on – this is the 4th one!

Make sure you contact me ASAP for the discount code, before the event totally fills up!


I found out that the ICF Colorado Fall Conference has just opened up!  The past three years have been really inspirational and valuable for me, so I thought I’d talk about it for a minute:

Since I consider you a friend if you’re reading this, go over to by May 15th 2017 to get the super duper discount!


You’ve come up against the insurmountable obstacle. Both the rock AND the hard place. What now?

First, take some time to decompress. Your anxiety is through the roof, so we have to let that calm down a bit.

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asleepI have to admit it:  I don’t work as hard as others do.

Because I’m sleeping 8-9 hours every night.

Yes, I know that this flies in the face of all those people who are proud of wasting only 4 or 5 hours, and are working to trim it further.

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It’s springtime! Time to poke your head out and look around a little!

I’m seeing a wealth of opportunities now for people to connect with peers, to get inspired, and to bring in some new ideas. Plus, for many, the energy has changed as the kids get out of school and we have more family time.

Small giants summitIn June, I’ll be reporting from the Small Giants Summit in Denver. That’s a great forum for business owners dedicated to changing the world through powerful, focused, and profitable business practices.

Sum+subThen the following week, Conscious Capitalism is sponsoring the local Sum+Substance event – a fresh and inspiring take on the TED talks that people know and love so much.

In July, you can catch the Quid Novi Summer Jams, a great chance to connect with innovators and business leaders in Fort Collins.

Jams_webThese are just a few of the creative gatherings which can help bring fresh ideas into your business. And, of course, take advantage of Denver Startup Week in September and whatever is going on in your particular industry.

Learn a lot, have fun, meet some great people, and drink some local brews!

It’s going to be a wonderful summer!

This article was first published in InnovatioNews.

Image by Francisco Huguenin Uhlfelder

Image by Francisco Huguenin Uhlfelder

It was one of the most bizarre weeks in my career.

I was working for a huge global IT firm at the time, and I was working on a challenging technical issue.  Back in the 1980s, we didn’t have the whole world’s knowledge at our fingertips, so I started asking around.

I ended up talking to dozens of people around the globe.  Nobody had the answer to my question, but they had various pieces of the puzzle.

At the end of the week, I talked with a person who said he’d heard of a guy in Colorado who was doing work in this area.  SCORE!  Then he gave me my name.

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Jim RohnMotivational speaker Jim Rohn offered these wise words many years ago:

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

I’m convinced that it’s absolutely true.  When I work with people who are on fire, they ignite me as well.  When I’m with folks who are depressed, my own mood goes downhill.  Quickly.

So what do we learn from this sage advice?
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I had a wonderful discussion this morning with an inspired young lady doing great work in the area of mentoring.  It’s a fascinating topic for me.

One of the challenges around mentoring is that you want the people (the mentor and the mentee) to develop an honest, supportive, productive relationship with each other. Rather like coaching, actually.

But mentoring usually involves people who are contributing their time rather than getting paid.  So it’s even more important to pay attention to what sustains them.

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spectrum-395351_640I’m a pretty creative guy, I guess.  Not artistic-creative, but I have a lot of business ideas I bring to the community.

People sometimes ask me where I get these ideas.  I’ve done about 900 blog posts now (on this blog and others) and that’s a lot of subjects to write about.

The honest truth?  The ideas mostly come from others.  I pay attention and notice things.

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SBA_NSBWWere you aware that next week is National Small Business Week?  I haven’t heard much about this, but thought it would be useful to pass along.

It mostly seems to be just a special campaign by the SBA, but that’s fine with me.  They’re a valuable resource for many people I work with.

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