I’m shocked sometimes by how many business owners think that the transaction with employees is all about exchanging work for money.

That’s what’s on the surface, but it must not stop there. Yes, you can get work in return for pay. But you’re unlikely to get productivity, passion, and caring.

There’s two reasons why this matters. First, the best employees have a choice for where they work, and will seek out jobs and environments which meet their deeper needs. They want to do work they’re proud of, to be part of a great team, and to learn and grow.

You need these kinds of people in your business.

Second, your employees are the added value of your business. If you want to grow, to be competitive, and to have happy customers – then you need people who want to deliver that.

But if you don’t want your business to prosper, don’t bother explaining why the work is important. Just pay your folks, and you’ll get … the bare minimum.

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